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Guidance for visually impaired people

The layout of Intol 3’s main screen, which appears approx. 5 seconds after startup, is as follows: The upper two thirds of the screen are occupied by the camera preview image. In the lower third on the left is the list of incompatible ingredients (as soon as they are detected) and on the far right are 3 buttons on top of each other. Here you can open the ingredient search, select your own incompatibilities and open the settings in the lower right corner.

If you tap on the ingredients list once in the main screen, you will hear a click. If you miss the ingredients list and tap the camera screen instead, you will either hear nothing or a plucked guitar side. First the individual incompatibilities have to be selected with the middle button. The menu that opens contains eight selection boxes. Each of the boxes stands for an incompatibility and these can be selected. The menu can be exited by pressing the Back key or the key in the upper left corner of the screen.

To scan a list of ingredients, the camera must be held upright at a distance of about 7 cm from the packaging. As soon as incompatible ingredients are detected, the list at the bottom left fills up. Then the respective incompatible ingredient can be read out by simply tapping on the list entries. There is also a short vibration feedback as soon as incompatible ingredients are detected.

Intol 3 also includes an option “Mode for the visually impaired” in the settings. This is option six out of six. This must be activated. After the activation a dialog appears which must be confirmed with OK and the app closes. It must then be restarted. The option activates two operating aids: On the one hand, Intol 3 vibrates for a long time when the camera recognizes the word “ingredients”. This helps to recognize if there is a list of ingredients below the camera. In addition, the names of the colors in the ingredient list are appended to the incompatible ingredients and read aloud. The color names appear in English.

Once the ingredients have been recognized, they disappear automatically after three seconds if no ingredients are recognized by the camera during this time. It is therefore a good idea to repeatedly tap on the upper part of the ingredients list after the vibration to hear whether there is an entry. If all ingredients are compatible, there is only one list entry called “Compatible”.