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You put one product after the other back on the shelf because you cannot tolerate it? You now know that the intolerable ingredient is hidden at the back of the table of contents, but do you still sometimes catch one?

In the future this won’t happen anymore, because here comes Intol for iOS and Android!

Intol scans lists of ingredients and immediately recognizes what you can’t tolerate. Whether at home or directly in the supermarket,
simply hold the camera of your smartphone on the table of contents of the packaging. The ingredients are colored:

Red ~ not tolerable

Orange ~ poorly tolerable

Yellow ~ moderately tolerable

A green “OK” means that you can tolerate it.

The following intolerances are supported:

• Lactose – Intolerance
• Histamine – Intolerance
• Fructose – Intolerance
• Gluten – Intolerance (Celiac Disease)
• Sorbitol – Intolerance
• Salicylic acid – Intolerance
• Special nutrition during pregnancy


Intol also helps you during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, special rules apply. Intol helps you to recognize those foods in the jungle that you should avoid during this time.


With the ingredient search function

you can search for specific ingredients. Similar ingredients are also found and sorted by degree of intolerance.
If you want to add your own ingredients that you don’t tolerate, just add them to the app settings. Intol 3 will then mark them red when scanning and searching for ingredients.


Intol is ad-free and functions without mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Handicapped people can find a detailed instruction manual here

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